leanne dow

I am MBA candidate at John F. Kennedy University, and a graduate of Sonoma State University. I have my B.S. in Kinesiology, focusing on Exercise Science/ Pre Physical Therapy. Currently, I am concentrating in Entrepreneurial Leadership for my Masters of Business Administration. My end goal is to open a center to prevent and treat childhood obesity with comprehensive programming encompassing all aspects of the epidemic. My passion is for helping others have the most out of their lives. I have experience in program design and administrating fitness programs for individuals and groups. Not only have my clients achieved great results, we've also built great trainer-client relationships. I have shown my leadership and management skills as the program coordinator for the Massage program at Sonoma State Campus Rec while I completed my B.S. In this position I helped a struggling program gain momentum to benefit the students by making it more efficient in organization, marketing, and communication across multiple levels and departments. My degree in exercise science was chosen for its rigorous coursework, and so that I can help many of the multiple ailments that plague our society, with an emphasis on prevention. I also believe in being proactive instead of reactive in not just health, but all areas of life. I am continuing to improve and develop my skills which can also be seen through the additional certifications/workshops, education I participate in. Throughout any position, my everlasting energy, analytical thinking, leadership and problem solving are always brought to the table. I am constantly influencing and aiding others to do grow, whether it is buying personal training, finishing a brutal exercise, learning more about the human body, getting small kids to listen and cooperate, or sell classes and products. Specialties Working with individuals, teams and other groups providing intuitive fitness programming and instruction to reach a variety of goals. Leadership within groups, spearheading projects to get them done as a team, delivering exceptional work.