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Female, 44 years old

With an eye for the big picture and a history in increasing online visibility for some of the largest brands on the internet, I have focused on integrated search, content strategy and marketing for Fortune , enterprise and agencies for well over years. I am a marketing exec based in the Silicon Valley and held previous roles that include Technical Marketing Director for Yahoo Media, President of How's Your Pony, SEO Specialist for CNET and various consultancies. My web development background lends a unique technical balance to my perspective on internet marketing, bridging gaps between marketing and development teams in order to provide integrative, comprehensive solutions to online visibility. I am a speaker at several marketing conferences, an Moz Associate, CEO of SEOgadget US, and an advisor to various online endeavors. I am also a fervent data geek. I believe the right data can help companies find loopholes, solve problems create opportunities that can make all the difference in a product and a brand (plus, I really like to see results). I've worked with companies like Red Bull, Yahoo, Microsoft, CNET, LivingSocial, AllRecipes, Reed, Dealix, and many more. My Clifton StrengthsFinder strengths -FUTURISTIC I am always thinking ahead and looking for what's next. This is why I'm in the Social Media space, why I've been in SEO for years, and why I am fascinated with futurists. -INCLUDER I connect the right people for the right projectsdecisions. I tap into superb talent around me rather than think I know everything. -COMPETITION I'm an athlete. I play fair and I like to win. Simple as that. -WOO I was never a cheerleader but I can say "Cheers" in several languages (who can't). I like to keep an aura of fun around me, and I live to laugh. -POSITIVITY Also my weakness. I am an undying optimist. I (almost) never say never. Specialties Myers-Briggs INTJ (Mastermind) httpen.wikipedia.orgwikiINTJ#CharacteristicsofINTJs ------- Enterprise-level, data-driven strategy opportunity for social media, search acquisition (SEO, search engine optimization) calling it like it is.