larry swope

Deliver solid performance improvements through cost reductions, productionproject efficiency, procedural process controls, continuous quality improvements and empowering innovation into each employee. Topperforming, solutionsdriven manager with years of experience leading organizations through change, revitalization, turnaround, and accelerated growth. Focused on growing the customer base, profit margins and ensuring operational effectiveness. Personally credited with driving significant gains in revenues and bottomline profits through strategic planning, leadership and successful execution. Received various awards and bonuses for exhibiting excellence in performance, productivity, and growth strategies. Provide exceptional skills and experience, as well as a hands-on approach. Specialties Professional Strengths Include - Cost ReductionsControls - PL management - Service Excellence Building - Team LeadershipBuilding - Process RedesignRe-engineeringStandardization - innovated - Managing Cross-Functional Teams - Quality Management ISO - Management Manufacturing Operations - IT InitiativesCustom Solutions - Productivity Process ImprovementLean Design - ProjectProgram Management - Marketing Initiatives - Brand Management - SEO - Operations Turnarounds Identifying Removing Waste