laban johnson
Male, 38 years old

"Laban brings a creative, process-oriented approach to problem solving and the positive attitude, confidence, energy, focus and ambition to initiate action with integrity and sound, analytical judgment. Early in his career, Laban developed valuable experience in local government and later discovered a flair for big business working in both the private venture capital and non-profit fields. Sales, marketing and customer service were his next challenge where he was able to use his natural communication skills and his passion for meeting new people and networking. Having made a personal commitment to continual improvement and professional development in all areas of life, Laban applies technical and analytical abilities coupled with sincere compassion to fulfill his personal mission of continually finding new ways to improve the quality of life for his fellow man and to add value to the world around him. Using clear communication and leading winning teams with purpose, direction and motivation, Laban fulfills this mission through research and analysis, designing and implementing scalable business systems processes." Specialties finance, sales and marketing, social media, prospecting and lead generation, sales training, recruiting, leadership, Kai Zen (continual improvement), negotiation, conflict resolution, due diligence, investments analysis, real estate, latino hispanic culture, public speaking