kristin currier

I am a senior web graphic designer currently working in eCommerce. I do creative direction, webstore interfaces, online visual merchandising, retail email design, and of course the usual banners and ads. I'm also into Photoshop retouching of product and model photography. My job is to give online customers a better online shopping experience. I also have over 15 years in brick-and-mortar retail. I've worked in management, fixture and signage installations, new store set-ups, store tear-downs, remodels, visual merchandising, store design and planning, and catalog print design. Basically, my job was still to give customers a better shopping experience.I also am a painter and illustrator and have shown my work in various galleries in my current home of southeast Florida. I'm working on a new style involving lush Florida foliage and wildlife...big, bold and colorful. Images will be coming soon as of this writing, I have 4 canvases in the works in mid-July 2011.,Fine artist and graphic designer,