kristi hansen

Blessed/cursed with an incorrigible daemon which expresses itself in both the written and audio-visual medium, I am continually honing my skills, and developing my professional relationships to allow this spirit to manifest the best results. Currently at Troika Imagineering Works, I enjoy various copy-writing tasks, often requiring lateral, creative thinking. Producing animated content at Bugbox was a lesson in team management, and completing highly detailed job on brief and budget. Quirk was an education in the full spectrum of digital marketing, while practicing and learning WebPR on the job. Pleiades was the constellation in which this star was born, and it is thanks to mentors like Kerry Botha, Rob Stokes, Mary Mzumara, Justin Spratt, Tim and Candice Argall and now Julia Louw that i have come any distance at all. The freelance journalism continues for a range of consumer publications including Woolies Taste and Decor Spaces. I would love to change the world, but I'm still working on the script. Specialties Imagining, writing, pitching, producing, PR, performing, editing, and pushing through 'til its in the can.