kathy kelley

Cooperative Extension Focus: As consumer demand changes and as competitive forces increase, it is crucial to inform horticultural stakeholders about strategies they should consider to best appeal to customers. A component of my extension program is to develop business and marketing educational resources (e.g., presentations, fact sheets, blog entries, and webinars) for horticultural crop producers and retailers. Research Focus: End-user consumers ultimately decide the fate of horticultural goods and services. Investigating preferences for edible products through consumer research insures that producers are aware of consumer needs and can fulfill their demands. Data is collected from consumers using a variety of survey methods (telephone, intercept, Internet, and focus group sessions). Information is shared with industry members as the initial step toward educating them about consumer attitudes and behaviors. Teaching Responsibilities: -HORT 455. Retail Horticulture Business Management. This course is designed to provide students with the tools necessary to operate successful horticultural retail businesses. Topics include: marketing principles, buying an existing business, store design and layout, employee management, customer service, branding concepts, and loyalty programs. Online discussions allow for an open exchange between students and the instructor and provide a venue for directing students to online resources. -HORT 410W. Issues in Landscape Contracting. This course is co-taught with Dr. James Sellmer, associate professor of ornamental horticulture, in the fall of each year. The goal of the course is to provide students with a perspective on business management, regulatory, and environmental issues facing the landscape contracting profession. Landscape contractors, industry representatives, and related are invited to speak with and discuss their experiences, issues they face, and expectations of future employees and business owners. Specialties Consumer and marketing research;