kate zimmer

Too often we rely on the traditional communications avenues without recognizing that our audience will communicate with each other the way they want to. If we do not evolve outside of our comfort zone, how can we expect people to engage with our brands It is with this goal in mind that I left my leadership roles in NPOs for a position with PTA and worked my way through departments to a position in communications and marketing. Through online communications marketing, I sought to change the way PTA viewed campaigns, marketing, and promotions as well as the image we had of our audience. I was able to institute an action plan for digital media initiatives, expand and evolve brand perception, change resource options and tools, and implement social brand methodology. I currently work in Edelman Digital as VP of Strategy. I continue to seek to change the way organizations view communications and the image they have of their audience. I believe the consumer interface experience should be a systematic evolution of integrated resources, connections, interactions, incentives and results. With Edelman Digital, I lead the redesign and re-launch of the Fuel Up to Play website as well as the strategy for establishing social communications channels for the brand. Specializing in ecosystem analysis, social business planning and community engagement, I serve a number of our teams as the digital strategy lead including Vail Resorts, Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation, RIM, the American Egg Board, PayPal and the Mushroom Council. I also co-lead Social Intelligence Command Center development, management and implementation for Edelman. I look forward to even greater growth and adaptation of digital communications, social embassies and business modeling for online internal and external influencer application. I hope I will be among those who are leading the way as we progress. Specialties Lead delivery of communications strategy to evolve and adapt plans to the changing nature of the not-for-profit, corporate and government organizational messaging and campaign evolution. Convey clear, concise and compelling messages to stakeholders to ensure effective campaign management and audience engagement, digital market research and IP development, and digital media marketing. Create and execute digital action plans and initiatives in the development of a comprehensive social ecosystem.