kamyar kashfi

Kamyar Kashfi is a Senior Vice-President of Investments at StockCross Financial Services of Beverly Hills. Kamyar has specialized in fixed-income and equities for over years. He works with select high net worth families and consults on asset allocation, diversification and the rebalancing of portfolios. Kamyars extensive background in fixed-income drives a yield based approach to both stock and bond investing. His views appear regularly in his monthly newsletters for StockCross and he has discussed municipal bonds locally in Beverly Hills on CNBC. Kamyars desire is to share his knowledge and experience with his clientele in order to help them make informed decisions for themselves and their families. When he is not working, Kamyar volunteers time with a number of charitable organizations including The Giving Spirit, the American Diabetes Association and the Surfrider Foundation. Kamyar is also active in promoting his home community of Laurel Canyon in Los Angeles. Kamyar is a graduate of the University of Southern California where he received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with an emphasis in Finance, Marketing and Real Estate. While at USC, he was a Deans Academic Scholarship Recipient all four years. He is an avid athlete and enjoys hiking, snowboarding and basketball.