julie smith
Female, 50 years old

Thank you for being interested in hiring me, or at least curious about the possibility. Raising incredible, heart-centered kids ready to take on the world can be difficult. It doesn’t matter how awesome you are (yes, you are!) and that you want the best for you kids (I understand it that – I’m a mom of three), it can be challenging to navigate all these ups and downs. And, honestly, being so close to both your child and the challenges can make it difficult to see what is really going on. That’s where I step in. I’m kinda like a pair of glasses that help you see more clearly. For the past two decades, I have been working with issues related to children, the elderly and everything in between. Whether you’re concerned about the path your child is on, unsure about how to circumvent daily parenting challenges (including tween to teen challenges), feeling disconnection within your family, struggling with your own parents or just want to bring some harmony into your own life, working with me can help. I typically work with clients on topics such as: parenting skills, co-parenting, tween-teen pressures and challenges, aging parents, and life transitions including “sandwich parenting,” separation, divorce and death. Additional coaching and counseling topics include healthy relationships, setting effective boundaries and discipline, everyday leadership and self-efficacy, social-emotional development and small business/project start-up and maintenance. Specialties leadership mentoring, children's programming, aging, group & individual coaching and counseling, consulting, home-based business start-up, social and educational program development, writing, speaking