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Female, 60 years old

I have a degree in theatre and I combine my training in leadership, my natural communication skills, my coaching training, my experience as a direct sales professional, and my dynamic, sometimes outrageous personality into a very direct, entertaining and fun training style. As a former Direct Sales professional, I worked a party plan business for several years, consistently holding three parties per week and winning national awards yearly. I also worked within a multi level marketing structure building a National team through internet networking. For the past years, I've focused entirely on coaching and training other leaders within the direct sales industry through live training as well as extensive webinar and tele-course training. It was the contact with the women in my community that drew me to direct sales, and that connection between women that still keeps me excited about it today. My passion in training lies in sharing tools and concepts that will support direct sales professionals in learning to build relationships. I'm also known as the queen of language and I share specific, effective scripts for getting results from those relationships. I pride myself on ability to incorporate solid training concepts around personal development, coaching skills, direct sales leadership, party presentation and host coaching into a very unique style. With my degree in theatre, my passion for performing shines through when I'mtraining. At any given moment I may use gentle sarcasm to make a point or burst into song to get my audiences attention Outside the realm of Direct Sales training, I also offer inspirational training on goal setting and personal fulfillment. I am available for Convention Keynote addresses as well as full and half day break out session training. Specialties Party Plan training, Direct Sales Scripting and language, Host Coaching, Team building, Leadership and Coaching Skills, Recruiting, Booking, Sales