judah swagerty
41 years old

Hi LinkedIn Family! I’m an experienced internet marketer and SEO strategist, coach and consultant with a proven, 10-year track record in generating online website traffic for small businesses. Want to decrease your marketing costs, reach new buyers and spend more time with targeted customers ready to buy? Here’s some what we can do for you: - Local SEO We provide local search marketing solutions that will optimize your business to generate local buyers by using geo-targeted keywords and phrases. If you operate a small business, corporation or you’re an entrepreneur looking to increase your website traffic and exposure, CONTACT ME. http://www.elocalwebtraffic.com/local-seo - Video Marketing We can offer you our unique and popular service that creates the video, submit’s the video, optimizes the video with target keywords and send viewers to your video. If you aren’t getting online traffic or building your brand to increase customer loyalty, CONTACT ME. http://www.elocalwebtraffic.com/video-marketing - Mobile Marketing Our system offers you a 3-in-1 Mobile App + Mobile Website + SMS delivery system that will allow you to send unlimited mobile promotional text messages to an unlimited number of customers - both Instantly and via Automatic Updates for future promotional offerings. If you are looking to tap into the future of marketing and reach your target market across all demographics, CONTACT ME. http://www.elocalwebtraffic.com/mobile-marketing Who I’m looking for on LinkedIn: Restaurant, Real Estate, and Retail Sales companies, Service Professionals (see our client list below), who are looking to get more customers through online and mobile brand awareness and generate repeat business. If that’s you, CONTACT US. JV Partners - We add value to your existing product or service by leveraging our talents to grow your business. If that’s you, PARTNER WITH US, we want to talk to you. Judah Swagerty Specialties Article Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, Link Strategies, List Building, Social Media Marketing, Local SEO, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Local Search Marketing, Online Video Marketing, Mobile Marketing, and Product Creation.