josh davis
Male, 37 years old

I love the Phoenix Suns and the Arizona Cardinals. My favorite players on both teams are :PHOENIX SUNS1. Amare Stoudemire- I love his intensity and his aggresion, best player in the league2. Steve Nash- Great passer and one of the best knock down shooters in the game.ARIZONA CARDINALS1. Larry Fitzgerald- Jumps SOOO high and he still is one mean SOB, he'll run you over or out jump you,pick your posion2. Adrian Wilson- Hes got biceps the size of Dwight Howards and if you think you can run him over GOOD LUCKGO SUNS AND GO CARDINALS!!NFC CHAMPIONS BABY!!!I also love rap / hip-hop. My favorite rapper BY FAR is 50 Cent. I like mostly every rapper but nobody tops 50. I also love my xbox 360 and the Call Of Duty series. Im really looking forward to Modern Warfare 2. My favorite hobbies are playing basketball and video games. Also hanging with my daughter and girlfriend but thats easy to realize. Please Subscribe and rate all my videos. Thank you