john harris

Experienced algorithmic trading system architect. Recent HFT experience at a top low-latency shop in Chicago, head of development at a top fixed income shop, and currently heading technology for an options market-making group. Developed high-performance software for a wide array of platforms ranging from programmable logic devices (PLD's) and custom single-board computers I designed to Windows and Linux servers and various hardware acceleration devices. Excellent C Linux complemented by solid C# .NET WPF, Java, Python, Perl, CMD, and bash shell scripting. Also HTML CSS Jinja Dojo web applications and JAX-WS web services. My programming knowledge is well developed (e.g. template metaprogramming, generic programming, boost functionbind with STL, lambda functions and closures, ..., etc). Familiar with Win, .NET, WPF, and POSIX API's, boost, xerces, ACE, STL, multithreaded programming, sockets, XML, FIX, FAST, SQL, Groovy ..., etc. Have coded to many exchanges' execution and market data feeds, including CME Globex, Eurex EBS, BGC eSpeed, and NASDAQ OMX. Familiar with SIMD programming from MMX to SSE and Cell. Excellent communication and presentation skills, ethics, and attitude. Interested in algorithmic trading platform development for a start-up, individual, or small firm. Specialties Software Engineering Low Latency, High Frequency Electronic Trading Platforms (HFT), C (STL), Java, C#.NETWPF, Multithreading, Windows, UnixLinux, Network Protocols, HTML, CSS, Jinja, Dojo, Software optimization (oprofile, VTune, valgrind, ..., etc) Exchange interfaces FIXFAST,eSpeed,ITCHOUCH Financial MarketsFutures,Energy, Fixed Income, hardware assisted software acceleration, hardware design. -hour commercial helicopter pilot active in Chicago.