john griffin

A strong work ethic and a curious approach to learning has taken me in different directions throughout my work life. A fascination with technology and the engineer in me likes to figure out how things work. A curiosity about other cultures took me into the travel industry at a time when the world seemed less dangerous. These travels taught me a lot about how little it takes to be happy, how the planet is infinitely beautiful, and what little time there is to see it all. I went on to learn how societies establish themselves through laws. My membership in the Bar of the District of Columbia and the Bar of the State of Maryland gave me a front row seat to the process. I came to know of the many challenges faced by resourceful and well-intentioned elected officials and government employees. Serving a multitude of stakeholders makes democracy is a difficult but worthwhile process. Next, I studied business and earned an MBA at a school in the center of Silicon Valley. This provided me with added insight to our evolving social, technical, and physical world. Since that time, I have been most interested in developing methods for protecting our environment through innovation. For the past several years I have explored these topics with students at California State University, Channel Islands. We discuss the cultural, economic, technological, ethical, and legal factors that are shaping the future. I am inspired by their eagerness to embrace the many challenges and opportunities that their world presents.