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Experienced Software Developer, Mentor, and Coach using Agile software development processes for full-stack web development. I strive to help my team deliver the maximum amount of business value within a project's constraints. I take pride in being a full-stack software developer using Ruby and Java frameworks. I can implement all tiers of an application from CSS and Javascript to databases and message queues, and even take it into "the Cloud". I am a committed Agile software development expert and believe strongly in test-driven development (TDD), pair programing, iterative development, and Agile project management Specialties Rapid, iterative web development, prototyping Agile coachingmentoring project scoping, product feature timecost estimation. Languages Ruby (on Rails, Merb, Sinatra), Java (WebWork, POJOs), Android, Javascript (Prototype, JQuery), CSS, SQL (RDBMS galore), XMLXHTML Testing Frameworks TestUnit, Rspec, JUnit, JSUnit, Jasmine, Selenium Software Pivotal Tracker, RubyMine, IntelliJ, TextMate, everything OS X, UNIXLinux