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I have a wide range of experience in the development of software applications, particularly web-based applications. I have experience with Oracle development including Oracle Database, Oracle Application Server, PL/SQL, mod_plsql and SQL. I also have experience with Oracle Portal, Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition, Oracle Forms and other Oracle technologies. I particularly specialise in writing responsive client-side applications that use Ajax to communicate with a backend database. The backend APIs are typically written in PL/SQL, serving data to the client-side in JSON format. In addition, I have many years experience with open-source technologies and web-based frameworks and languages. I am an expert in PHP and MySQL development, with experience of frameworks such as CakePHP, Zend and CodeIgniter. I also have in-depth knowledge of PHP-powered applications including WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and more. I also have expertise in client-side applications built using JavaScript frameworks such as Prototype, jQuery, Dojo, ExtJS, YUI and more. I have experience leveraging open APIs to create mashups, including Google Maps, Flickr, Twitter, Facebook and more. I am an established technical writer with over 20 articles published on IBM's developerWorks technical portal. Writing this content has exposed me to a wide variety of different technologies including IBM products such as DB2, WebSphere and pureXML, as well as many open-source and web applications topics such as Python, Django, PHP, ASP.NET, Flex, JavaScript, Dojo and many more. Specialties Oracle Database, Oracle Application Server, PL/SQL, mod_plsql, SQL, JavaScript, JSON, Ajax, Prototype, ExtJS, jQuery, Dojo, PHP, MySQL, Python, Django, Apache, UNIX, Linux, SaaS, SOA, Web Services, XML, CouchDB, Technical Writing, Flex, HTML5, CSS3