jessica lewis

I worked in radio for 2 years after graduating from college. I was the production "guru," as they called me as well as the Midday announcer. I met my husband, who traveled with the band "downhere" - and soon found myself married to Dave (sound engineer, production manager) and travellng as the band's road manager. I did that for 4 years until I had my daughter. We took her on the road for 10 months, until she became more mobile and vocal about being strapped in a car seat. I am now a stay-at-home mom entrepreneur running many websites, one of which is my main site: I love to connect with people and see how we can help each other out! Specialties audio & video editing, graphic design, photography, on-air announcing, travel experience all over the US, Canada & Europe... managing, brainstorming, talking a lot, thinking a lot, but most of all, enjoying life a lot.