jesse daniels

Jesse "Frésh" Daniels is the electric talent taking over the entertainment world. No matter what Jesse does, his genuine affection and love for what he's doing is felt by all. Raised in Los Angeles and university educated, he is the perfect fusion for today’s generation. He began his entertainment career in radio, working in various markets. During his career he has Produced On-air Shows, Performed On-air Call-ins, and Entertained Numerous Crowds in the streets. From Spanish radio to Hit radio, he mastered the skills of entertaining listeners and clients alike. As a SAG eligible background actor he has worked with everything from Extreme Costuming and makeup to Detail-oriented Explosion scenes. Transformers, The O.C., Ugly Betty, and CSI are just a few of the many TV shows and movies that Jesse Daniels has worked on. Jesse is also the creator of, the online blog showcasing videos, pictures, thoughts, and ideas on raising a baby in the age of facebook. A mix of party days with daddy ways. His hobbies include producing remixes of various brands of music, and making web videos in his spare time. His creative energy entertains both executives and audiences. He is both family friendly and wild ‘n’ crazy. He is old school and current. He is hip without the hop. He is Jesse Daniels.,JFD,,Communication Studies