jenny ingram
Female, 45 years old

I started Jenny On the Spot in as a creative outlet. In the years since, Jenny On the Spot has grown from writing hobby to thriving business. I use the art of storytelling, photography, video content, and humor to draw people in and go for the funny bone andor heart. I have created content for BlogHer, have worked as a video correspondent as an iVoice with iVillage, have had an article published in Redbook Magazine, have lead countless classes and sessions on social media and video blogging locally and across the country. A touch of trivia I also spent months writing captions for the folks at I Can Haz Cheeseburger... I have had the honor of working closely with brands such as Method, eBay, GoGosqueeZ, TempurPedic, Huggies, Tog Porter... to name a few. My passion is telling stories, and as video is making it's mark as the new best thing since sliced bread... I am discovering how fun video storytelling is My goal, this - is to further develop my video production skills and invest in the growing and wildly creative space of online video... as a producer and personality. I am open to taking over TV and movies as well. I'm kidding. I'm not kidding. Specialties content writing, humor, video-making, video editing, teaching