jeannie banta

I am a professional Feng Shui consultant; and former Director of the International Feng Shui Guild Dallas Chapter. I have trained with some of the most renowned Feng Shui Masters from the United States, Hong Kong, and Malaysia. I have completed extensive advanced training in Authentic Feng Shui…San He (also known as Compass/Form School), Xuan Kong (also known as Flying Star), BaZhai (also known as Eight Mansion), Black Sect, BaZi/Four Pillars’ of Destiny (a form of Chinese Astrology), I-Ching, Space Clearing, and Dowsing. I am passionate about Feng Shui and bring my personal experience, knowledge, enthusiasm, and caring attitude to my clients with each consultation I perform. My ambition as a Feng Shui Consultant is to help empower individuals to create a positive living environment and begin to enjoy more prosperity, better health, and a sense of peace and harmony in their lives. I am also a credentialed Home Staging Designer. It is my goal to help you identify and enhance the unique qualities of your home. Want top dollar for your house? Whether you need to "wow" a buyer with a beautiful listing, or make your home fabulous for yourself. Let me tell you how Staging can work for you. If results are what you’re looking for, CONTACT ME and experience life as it should be. My company, Creative Energy, specializes in residential and commercial property, from concept to design to completed structures, as well as existing properties. My clients have included Doctors, Brokers, Real Estate professionals, Architects, Designers, Therapists, Artists, CEO's, Attorneys, and Restaurant Owners. Specialties Small Business Development, Management, Recruiting, Employee Development, Interpersonal Skills, Inventory and Cost Control, Purchasing and Receiving, Accounting, Customer Relations, Problem Solving, Personal Growth, Personal Transformation, Coaching, Mentorship, Sales, Public Speaking, Tradeshow presentation, Marketing Strategy Development