jason scott

Jason has been in the Green Industry since 1990 - creating, maintaining and designing green spaces for people to enjoy. He started his life in the green industry during high school working with his father maintaining the yards of 32 customers. After High School he obtained a Landscape Contracting degree from the Stockbridge School of Agriculture at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Since graduation in the spring of ‘96 they have successfully grown the landscape company for 15 years, but now his focus is a little different. As President of the company he concentrate on creating livelihoods, business networks, a strong company image and a great reputation. Jason has been certified by the Massachusetts Association of Landscape Professionals, Snow and Ice Management Association and the Northeast Organic Farming Association. I am active on two commitees For more information on the importance of certification visit www.mlp-mclp.org My aspirations are organic farming, spending time with family and retiring to the Great North Woods in search of a sustainable lifestyle for my Family Follow Jason on his Landscaping blog http://www.redtrucks.net/blog and learn tips and tricks about Lawn and Landscape Care, Twitter, Facebook and other social media tools. Specialties Project Manager: specialize in projects for 10-30K in Landscape Enhancements