jason hoffman
Male, 43 years old

I am a senior business executive and entrepreneur that focuses on technology. Fundamentally, I specialize in revenue generation and all activities required to support it. I have experience in strategy, operations, engineering, product, support, sales, corporate development and business development. I'm told that I'm a "rare mix" of highly technical, innovative, experience-driven and a "natural sales guy", I've been called a "Renaissance Engineer" by Jeff Bonwick and "Brilliant with an amazing understanding of technology, business, education, and science, and a sharp mind for innovation" by Brendan Gregg. I have a demonstrated history of discovering new technologies and talent. I can run cross-functional teams of complementary people that are working hard on hard problems. I organize, build, direct and inspire self-sufficient, vertically integrated but complex product and engineering organizations capable of delivering commercial offers that delight customers and solve real problems. I understand how to create commercial offerings and positioning them for success in the marketplace. Experienced in intellectual property development, transfer and licensing across multiple industries. I have an entrepreneur's understanding of what it takes to operate a PL and scale a business from nothing. I'm a thought and execution leader in the industrialization trend for datacenters where we used standardized components and designs and drive wholesale supply chain efficiencies. This is often called things like "cloud", "the industrial internet" et al. I've worked on every level of the technical stack from firmware, drivers, an operating that virtualizes compute, network and storage, a runtime, and piece of middleware written in that runtime that do unique things with that operating system. I also have an end-to-end understanding and experience in rapidly building global, large scale, MW networkcomputedata deployments using that complete software stack.