jason dean
Male, 24 years old

Jason W. Dean is Assistant Librarian and head of the special formats unit at the University of Arkansas Libraries, Fayetteville. His areas of interest include the semantic web, American color plate books, user-centered design, books and their role in United States History, and the history of the book. Dean is currently a Ph.D. student in history at the University of Arkansas, studying the history of the book in the American west. Dean also received a B.B.S. in History cum laude from Hardin-Simmons University (), and an M.S. () in Library and Information Science from Syracuse University. Prior to joining the University Libraries in , he was Cataloger Technical Services Librarian at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art (-). Deans research seeks to emphasize the primacy of the user and the book as physical object in libraries. He published the first scholarly work on the collection of th American color plate books at Crystal Bridges, and he seeks to continue researching both books that are uniquely American artifacts, as well as helping users of the catalog discover these significant resources through the advent of linked open data in libraries. Furthermore, Dean is exploring the role of user-centered design in both library catalogs and library metadata.