jackie fewell
Female, 60 years old

Entrepreneur with broad and direct experience in a wide variety of industries; start-up experience in four unrelated companies resulting in acquisition or buy-out. Currently working year three of real estate start-up Possum Kingdom Lake TX a market catering to the second home / vacation home buyers and those seeking a lake resort setting. Possum Kingdom is where I make my home today. I enjoy the wide ranging needs of business start-ups, am particularly interested in branding, marketing, business development, and workplace culture. Am an effective leader, manager and administrator, work well with all types of people. Lean more toward creative work, but also enjoy analysis, especially key performance metrics and the role they serve in developing successful companies (along with the right staffing and a great corporate culture!). Specialties Business management; branding & identity; marketing & advertising; customer experience/relationship management; HR; staff management & development; key performance metrics; experienced in start-ups and early stage or small business environments.

Alternative Names:

j fewell jackie

jackie i fewell