iain murray

I love business. I love the business of business and I especially love difficult challenges so I am very pleased to be back in a space where I am getting to do the things I love with my new business Principle Consulting. I have spent half a lifetime so far building a body of knowledge that I can use, and I am enjoying the opportunities I am getting to use these skills with the challenges I am working on. Right now I'm helping two businesses develop new Business Plans and Strategies and convert them into PR Marketing Strategies. I'm getting to exercise all my communication skills, cerebral skills and my people skills and the outcomes are looking very positive. I am also getting to introduce Social Media into the projects which I have built a real passion in. The new name for it (as they say) is Social Business Planning. I am also working with a number of companies on their bid strategies and I have been working closely with them and I've been actively involved in the process. They have been successful in securing the business so we are all pleased. I'm also working on some new technology projects, one where I am project managing the introduction of a new software platform for a cleaning business, another where they are introducing mobile data capture technology. Take a look at my Social Media website for the Facilities Management industry www.connectwithfm.com - this is growing virally and we are making connections with people and businesses globally. I continue to exercise my passion for all things technical by speaking at the Fatbuzz New Media Breakfasts series on choosing the right technology packages for business success as well as fortnightly recording the Social Media Podcast with Gordon White of Fatbuzz which has been as high as No. on iTunes. Check my website and look for the Social Media channels at the bottom for all of the activities I am taking part in, and see if any resonate with you. Please call, email, direct message, poke or IM if they do. Specialties Facilities Management, Business Strategy, Business Development, Change Management, Cost Modelling, Lifecycle Management, Mentoring, Social Media in Business, PR Marketing