hillary gayle

I'm HillaryGayle. I love more things than I hate.I love coffee, dogs, my husband & my son, my Borg BFFs, being a nurse, Converse & Sanuks, hats, makeup of every flavor, baking, farmer's markets & organic groceries, skirts that brush my knees, skirts that brush the floor, live music, my size 16 curves, dangly earrings, flowers, perfume oil, incense & other stuff that smells awesome, plump juicy peaches, Agent Smith, reading good books, modern jazz, jam rock, more than a handful of naughty things, Apple computers, Jeff Coffin, Concerta, science of all shades, Dave Matthews Band, my iPhone, and other human beings.I hate oppression, fear, pain, loss, grief, the smell of burned cooking oil, yellow curry, giving bad news, intentional ignorance, being judgmental, closed-mindedness, washing dishes, sadness, and malice.Save your sermons for someone who's afraid to loveIf you knew what I feel, then you couldn't be so sureI'll be right here, lying in the hands of God...--Dave Matthews Band, "Lying in the Hands of God"