harold shaw
Male, 24 years old

My personal motto is Do the right thing for the right reason. I plan to live my life fully both professionally and personally. Yes, I have some gray hair and some sand in my pants and am proud of the experience and experiences that I bring to the table. However, I also refuse to age gracefully and plan to be active physically and mentally for many more years, especially since I still love to learn new things, know the value of of a strong work ethic and working smarter inside of both team or independent situations. I can be rather blunt when the situation calls for it, but also have learned the value of tact and humor to defuse "interesting" situations. One important thing I have learned is to listen to what is actually being said versus, what I want to hear. Being able to listen has shown me that there are often multiple solutions and strategies to resolving many problems or issues. The old one rule fits all, often doesn't work in today's complex and connected world. Specialties I enjoy using technology, even when it doesn't always make my life easier. I am comfortable using -- Windows, Apple, or Chome operating systems and their applicationssoftware. Runner Blogging Self-Motivated Teaching others Presentation and Public Speaking Skills Problem solving Getting things done Administrative Procedures Time Management Being organized Technical Writing Working with people. Creator and lead writer for "A Runnah's Story" blog which focuses on the story of a middle of the pack runnah (yes I am from Maine), who is not aging gracefully.Topics range from reviewing running shoes, gear, clothes, training methods, book reviews and other running and living a little more simply related information.