hans zoun
Male, 59 years old

Is known as somebody who: • Is active and open in making contact, clear and direct. * Communicates in a practical and direct way. • Can motivate people and is pragmatic at solving problems. • Approaches people in an open, honest and sincere way. • Is clear and distinct in his judgment. • Shows involvement with you and your organisation. • Is strongly results driven. • Takes a stand for quality. • Shows integrity when carrying out his assignment. Is perceived as being a very energetic, decisive and driven manager. A manager, capable of achieving the objectives within the available time span. Has a clear vision and is a distinct communicator. By means of influencing, perseverance and conviction he always knows how to accomplish his tasks. Capable of changing and reviewing plans rapidly, if altered circumstances require it. An easy speaker, who knows how to captivate his audience; his down-to-earth attitude and sense of humour help him to achieve this. Easy approachable and cooperates well with colleagues from other parts and layers of the organisation. Remains relaxed and calm when business conflicts and opposites appear. Is very active, but also demands others to dedicate themselves or to do extra work. Motivates others by being an example himself. Solves problems easily and without a lot of hassle. Identifies achievable (sub)goals. Gives clear and distinct instructions and supports co-workers to achieve their goals. Problems are recognised in a timely manner by means of sharp analyses and he takes the lead in solving them quickly.