gene glaudell
48 years old

I work with technology and business executives and teams to solve seemingly impossible problems. Examples: In 90 days, using only $5K in outside services, develop a call center service offering for a SaaS company which converts customer cancellations into new service contracts. Service increases customer share of wallet by 10x, but can cut customer expenses for outsourced processes by 50%. In 90 days, on a $50K budget, convert a BPO company into a SaaS provider working with teams on 4 sites at 4 firms on two continents. Deploy the SaaS offering on time, which is purchased by F50 clients, winning new funding for the firm. Customers were able to reduce expenses for key business processes by 80%. Experience in IT across industries including SaaS / ISV's, Manufacturing, Distribution, Financial services, Electric Vehicles industries. 10 years of eCommerce experience. Proven ability to deliver significant business value in 30 - 90 days. Experience designing, building, and improving IT systems, processes, and organization capabilities at all stages of company maturity from startup up to mature turnaround. Deep expertise in Information Technology from HW/SW/Process/Organizational viewpoints. Experience throughout the IT value chain. End-to-end understanding of the Electric Vehicle value chain from design and raw materials to end of life. Extensive network of people resources in the IT, EV, and Cleantech industries. Interested in helping business improve on very aggressive timeframes (30/60/90 days) Specialties Information Technology - Architecture | Leadership | Startup | Growth | Turnaround | Business/IT Agility practices - Can help Business and IT identify, plan, and execute 30 day projects that deliver significant value | Enterprise Architecture - Process | Organization | Applications | Data | Infrastructure Collaboration and Communication - Principles | Techniques | Tools | Electric Vehicles - Marketing | Design | Sourcing | Manufacturing | Operations | Sales & Service