erika jacobson

I am a leading international practitioner and researcher in transformative community and organisational development practices. I help individuals, communities and organisations work and transform tough issues to enhance their sustainability, wellbeing and productivity. As an educator and lecturer for over years and in over different countries, I have a solid foundation for working with groups of people of diverse cultural backgrounds and learning styles. As a manager and community and international development professional I understand the power of inclusiveness, flexibility, and reflection in turning challenges into opportunities. As a creative (dancer, writer and director) I embrace the magic space of play and creativity as a powerful tool to transform behaviours, practices and organisational cultures. My purpose is to enable myself, individuals, communities and organisations to access the highest levels of freedom, creativity, self-expression, growth and success in both work and leisure through transformative practices. Specialties Dynamic engagement and participation. Working with tough and complex issues. Breaking down barriers and enabling communication, expression and creativity to thrive in individuals, teams and organisations. Enabling awareness about the REAL obstacles to transformation and gently (or not) guiding to transform them.