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Male, 40 years old

I'm an easy going kinda guy, that can pretty much fit into to any situation. Growing up, I went to 9 different schools from K - 12, and another 6 different higher learning institutions, which may explain my ability to adapt to various situations pretty easily. I'm down to just hang out and marinate, and just as down to mix it up and go out and get silly. I love my family, and would do anything for them. Same goes for my peeps, many of whom I've known for over a decade. Most of them are married, some with kids, or in long term relationships. I think that's great for them, but it's not quite for me... yet. I totally dig the challenge and experience of meeting new people. I enjoy hearing stories about their lives and their situations. I travel every chance I get, experiencing new places, new cultures, new people. I prefer listening over talking, but can talk for days if given the chance. I love the outdoors. I'm going to try do some sailing and get scuba certified this year. Big baseball, football, and sometimes basketball fan. Love to tailgate. I like making people laugh, even if I'm the target of the jokes. I think I know a lot about some stuff, and have a fair share of experiences, but I know that I have a lot more to learn, and a lot more to experience. I enjoy my HR (Compensation and HRIS) job, even though my peeps don't really know what I do. The call me Chandler Bing (from Friends). Anyhow, it fulfills my desire to work with people from all walks of life, and challenges the analytical side of my brain. I have personal, financial, career and family goals, and a plan on how to achieve them. But I keep them flexible, because I know things that happen today could change everything.