eric bartholomeus

I have been in sales years now, and never considered myself as a natural. Had to work for it. Facing cold calling tasks, I remember vividly how a simple telephone can weigh as much as a kg and how one can move a Kompass database from the left side of a desk to the right for hours in these days there was no email to find the perfect excuse neither. But I had to do it. There were days that I was flying, and others when I fell in a black hole, and I praise myself lucky to be surrounded by excellent managers who became friends. Through the years, I struggled with friendly prospects who never bought, and I did not understand. I spent hours trying to convince them that my features and benefits were the best. I gave dazzling presentations and demos, they told me they never heard something like this before and they bought from somebody else. Or they had no money, and required me to lower my prices so that I hardly made a profit. They kindly asked me to call them back after the summer holidays, and seemed vanished in smoke when I did. I had millions of sales in my funnel. I was a prisoner of hope, and I believed it was normal in my business. Through the years I developed an intuition, and I started to tell upfront after I introduced myself that I was the most expensive kid on the block, and advised them to consider buying from my competitor perhaps at which point they told me they rather do business with me and never asked for a discount neither. Or told me that is was over, and that was fine also. I painfully discovered ways to deal with large key accounts, buying committees and tenders. And how to behave properly in meeting a prospect in the lobby. But I was never able to reconstruct this successful behaviors properly . I found out that I needed a system. And I found Sandler Training. I know now that the most important thing is to develop trust with your prospects. And sales just start to happen. Specialties We help companies to improve the income side of their company (increasing of sales margins). Focus is on individualscompanies who are looking for personal and professional growth. assessments for recruitment personal development, sales training, strategic sales management training, result oriented communication assertivity training for everybody who has customer contacts (technical service people, IT consultants, customer service...)