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Male, 36 years old

I'm a technologist, blogger, hardware geek, and many other things. I'm the former Head Editor of Hack a Day where I managed a team and wrote on a wide variety of topics. I helped expand the readership and made the blog self-sufficient. I've done community control for Propeller in the past spam eradication and policy creationenforcement. I also helped with planning and product development. As a Producer at Tecca, I helped grow the editorial team from the ground up. I worked on a team to plan site direction and identify problem areas. For Syyn Labs, Angel Valley Media, and Virsix I contributed to both ideation and eventual execution of large scale interactive art and games. If you're creating a new exciting web property, rebuilding an old one, or even building something physical the world has never seen before, I'd love to help. Specialties Linux and OSX user, professional blogger, technical writer, hardware hacker, managing editor, mechanical and automotive skills, computer security knowledge, math and science background, able to learn new skills and tasks quickly, stays up to date on movements of the blogosphere and social media