elaine alvarez
Female, 39 years old

I smile too much, especially when I'm nervous. My frequent flyer cards get alot of action and I always over-pack. J.J. calls me 'Bucket O' Sunshine' and I kinda like it. I'm a horrible driver and sometimes I fall asleep on the subway. I hate Philadelphia. (I'm sorry, I just have to take a moment to laugh here. Hold on. OK. Done.) I dance a mean polka, and I've been known to foxtrot on occasion. I will never be a bridesmaid again, ever. I speak french solely in infinitives but my German is besser und besser jeder tag! When I was little I used to hide frogs in my pockets and my dog was a mutt named Lady. I'm an opera singer. (I'll wait while you take in the sheer magnitude of that phrase.) I am culinarily challenged and work hard to accept my flaws! (insert laugh here!)