dominique hanssen

- Commercially driven technologist - Not the one who develops technology, but the one who loves to work with those who develop in a more commercial setting. Im the person who connects, who facilitates, the person who listens to others to understand their needs to translate those needs into actions, events and solutions. During my studies Ive learned to speak the languages and to understand the minds of technologists. I also learned to develop hardware and software, but I was more fascinated by the organizing of the projects, making the decisions with the team and leading us towards our shared goal(s). Hence, I decided to follow some extra courses within the domains of project management, innovation sciences, marketing and business administration. All of these courses always stood to me, and created a solid base on which my professional values are now based. After obtaining my BSc. degree I started my career at an outsourcing company located at the High Tech Campus in the Netherlands. Working closely with developers and contributing directly to the financial goals of the company... This was the right decision at once Now after working several years I can say that I am experienced in working in multi-cultural and multi-competence environments. I am able to stay focused under pressure and are naturaly challenged by the thought that good isnt (always) good enough. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Specialties Good people skills, good negotiation skills, good communication skills, leader skills, driven, receptive, team player, problem-solving, (passive) talent acquisition, customer-oriented mindset, eagerness.