dede moffett
Female, 53 years old

I have 25 years as a leader in Corporate Sales and Sales Negotiations. Extensive study and training in psychology and the Art of the Sale. My Snap Out of It! Coaching is a combination of my expertise and training in sales, relationship building and the psychology of addictions and addictive personalities and behaviors. Snap Out of It! is a way of living, thinking and behaving where individuals are fully awake and the auto pilot is turned off! You no longer follow the herd mentality but question "are these my thoughts, my desires, my dreams?" My work today is comprised of coaching and using my voice in various mediums. I am a radio host and a voice talent, producing commercials and audio projects. I am also a speaker delivering a powerful presentation while entertaining the audience by weaving my music throughout the message. Specialties Excellent Interviewing skills for companies and professionals desiring an in depth and engaging interview to highlight their product and brand. Bold, sophisticated, professional voice for audio projects and commercials. On camera talent for companies seeking spokesperson or video projects.