debra barber

Debra's first marketing campaign continues to bring in new customers after a decade. Debra has worked with small business to help with marketing and sales strategies and saw her break all company records in her first month as a sales consultant. Based in Perth, Debra has a passion for seeing small business grow and move forward and recognized the opportunities that the internet and social media brings for local businesses. Debra's online marketing campaigns include proven strategies that work and having teamed with some of the best minds in the business, can get to work for you while the team keep abreast of what is working NOW for online marketing for business. Following years experience in administration, marketing and sales and working her way up to executive level administration, saw the launch of Online Personal Assistants - a virtual assistant service providing a broad range of skills to small to medium businesses. During this time Debra and her team have worked with a number of businesses, in Perth and globally, to fine tune and implement their social media strategies and saw the completion of three years of training, research and fine tuning processes that gain results for businesses choosing to use social media marketing and other online marketing strategies to grow their business. This saw the launch of a new division focused solely on online marketing, video and social media marketing for businesses. Debra is a results oriented professional with attention to detail and is now learning to lead a team of online marketing professionals to further help small business level the playing field, for both Perth businesses and internationally. With the Explosive Online Marketing team you have access to professionals who know what works when marketing your business online, a team that is dedicated to not only staying on top of the constant changes but also is bounding ahead testing new ideas and strategies to get you racing past your competition Specialties Social media marketing, local area marketing online, online marketing, blogging, article marketing, internet marketing, search engine optimization, content creation, strategy development and implementation, graphic design and customization of web presence, web design, video marketing, lead generation and complete online marketing strategies. Training in social media marketing, online strategy implementation and monitoring. Servicing corporate, local government, and small to medium businesses.