deborah robertson

As 2010 approaches, it is a time to review successes and learning experiences of 2009. For me 2009 was a time of changes. I retired in June after 30 plus years working with the Newton County Schools serving the last 12 years as Associate Superintendent of Administrative Services. I loved the people I worked with but knew that it was time to move on to a new challenge. The challenge was to find something that I could do on my timetable. I had been successful in education and now I was ready for a challenge outside the education arena. I had set several goals before I retired that I wanted to accomplish during retirement. One was to be a more thoughtful person. Of course, I wanted to make more money during retirement. And, I wanted to grow spiritually, personally, and professionally. After searching for several months, I found a company and a product that I loved. This product provided the answer for my goal of being a more thoughtful person. Then, when I found out that I could also earn money by being more thoughtful, that was a no-brainer for me! I absolutely made the right choice and am having the most fun of my life and earning additional income as a bonus--so it has actually helped me reach two of my goals. Since I have stepped into my new role as a business owner in my work-from-home career, I am finding--especially with this economy -- more and more people are looking for a home-based business that will either supplement or replace their current income. Home-based businesses provide a phenomenal opportunity. I have been amazed at how many great work-from-home companies there are. It is a career that excludes no one! If you are ready to be in control of what you do and when you do it, then a home-based business is for you. My goal is to help those who are looking to find a home-based business, find one that fits who they are. I wish everyone the best as you are Choosing Your Success! Specialties Building referrals, buillding relationships, experience in automated system that will provide a business owner increased referrals, personalizing relationships, putting others above self, realizing that appreciation beats self-promotion every time. I am a speaker and a teacher. I motivate others to excel in their passion.