david paloff
Male, 65 years old

Highly skilled professional with almost 30 years of diverse telecommunications industry experience, including 4 years of military service in the U.S. Army Signal Corps. Have held previous positions in operational management, systems engineering, transport architecture, network planning, field engineering, technical support engineering, Inside Plant operations (ISP), Outside Plant fiber optic construction (OSP), Outside Plant - Customer Premise Equipment (OSP-CPE), Facilities Maintenance and Administration Centers (FMAC) and other types of Network Operations and Control Centers (NOCC/NOC/NCC/SMC/NMC), i.e. telemetry, controls, initial test & acceptance of systems and circuits, supervision of preventive maintenance, maintenance, performance monitoring and cable-cut restoration management. Have experience with installation, maintenance and testing of systems and circuits from central office, remote access and customer premise locations. Have experience with private line, switched services and special services, MPLS, IP, IS-IS, ES-IS, LAPB, Cisco IOS, OSPF, BGP, RIP, RTP, ETH, ATM, ISDN, frame relay, IMA, IBR/FT1 (Nx56/Nx64), OC-(n), STS-(n), DS-(n), feature group, POTS and various other types of data, voice and video services. Held previous tenures with long-haul carriers, local and long-distance providers, metro access providers, resellers, ILEC/CLEC, broadband “triple play” providers/Multi Systems Operators (MSO) and have Pre-IPO start-up company experience. Have experience with core, edge and WAN/MAN transport, SONET/SDH, PDH, OADM, WDM/DWDM, OLS/OTS, ATM switches, Customer Premise Equipment (CPE), CSU/DSU, repeaters, narrow, wide and broadband Digital Cross-connect Systems/Digital Access Cross-connect Systems (DCS/DACS), M-13 multiplexers (M28), digital channel banks (M24) and digital drop and insert channel banks (DDI). OSHA certified - 30Hr Construction Safety Outreach. Completed CRC training 2 SEPT 11 and possess deployment gear. Specialties Strong skills with computer applications, research, analysis, collaboration, problem solving, negotiation, project management and organization. Possess active DoD Secret level clearance and interim TS.