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dk is an entrepreneur, the social director to the internet business world, as well as hired gun, and confidant to many of the biggest and baddest in the internet world. His little black book of contacts includes many of the most powerful people in this industry. With a few phone calls, he has solved some of the biggest companies, biggest problems. dk is known as Dr. David Klein outside of the internet world, and first became well known amongst the internet geeks when Matt Cutts of Google put him out as a poster child for local marketing, and how to get links the white hat way, with his marketing of bodyabcs.com. He has helped some of the largest companies on the internet such as Facebook and Azoogle with their online marketing. dk has also assisted internet marketing legend Jeremy Schoemaker with his Elite Retreat, and other projects. dk puts on some of the most sought after events in the internet business world including the thinktank and the poker tournament at Pubcon each year.