darryl ong
Male, 46 years old

http://speedinside.blogspot.com/ I was born in Montreal, Canada in the summer of 1971, but we moved back to Singapore shortly thereafter. Singapore was where my fathers family lived, and back then was a great place to grow up; relatively safe, clean, and not quite as developed as it is today. I completed primary and secondary school in Singapore, and then moved to Canada to complete my last year of high school before college. It was a little bit unnerving leaving my family, friends and home, but staying with my godparents (and their 5 boys) really helped provide a surrogate family for that year. I went to college the next year at the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland. I learned a lot while in college first and foremost laundry 101 and expanding my then non-existent cooking repertoire to include instant noodles and hamburger helper! I ended up staying in Baltimore for 7 years to complete a Masters Degree prior to moving out to Sunnyvale, California. In California, I worked for a consulting company for a few years, before joining a small startup called Broadcom Corporation for whom Ive worked for the past 8 years or so.