danny mekic
Male, 30 years old

Danny is a young Dutch entrepreneur, boardroom consultant and internet expert (technology, innovation, legal aspects, technical development, ethical issues e.g. privacy, psychology, crowd control). High demanded speaker on technology, media, communications, innovation, networking, (personal) branding, negotiations, marketing and entrepreneurship(-education). Publishes editorials in newspapers and is the most asked expert from industries on the Dutch television (NRC Handelsblad, december ). Transversal internetexpert, specialized in managing relationship through digital channels - experience in banking, education, accountancy, internet, telecom, airline, hospitality, law enforcement policing, health care, publishing, foodagri and retail industries - Reflection, strategy, discussion, design, build, run and control - "Manage, Move, Reach" - Digital, online, mobile and virtualaugmented channels Dynamic change consultant for corporate organizations - Without concessions result-oriented, intrapreneurial mindset - Ability to trigger teams and influence top-management through clear strategic thinking and knowledge in technology, legal jurisprudence, psychology, media and communications Ability to leverage skills in larger teams and an international environment (United States of America, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Brazil, Croatia, Australia, Russia, Greece, Ukraine, Turkey, Latvia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, ..) Please contact Sophie van Straalen, P.A., in case of a consultancybusiness request or speaking engagement or the general NewTeam-office . Specialties Reducing complexity of situations, projects, dilemma's and conflicts. Combining knowledge from different disciplines (internet, media, technology, law practical psychology). Currently studying on Natural Language Processing, Advanced Strategic Game Theories and improving the basis structure of the world wide internet agains DDoS-attacks.