danielle carlsen

I'm an experienced professional in the Human Resources field and am looking to network with like-minded professionals. Professionally my talents are utilized in the talent acquisition arena and I have worked in training and development capacities prior. I work with the San Diego Metropolitan Transit System (MTS) as an Human Resources Representative II/Recruiter. To learn more about San Diego MTS opportunities, please explore www.sdmts.com! About San Diego MTS: As the largest provider of public transportation in San Diego County, and 2009 winner of the American Public Transportation Association's award for Most Outstanding Public Transit System, the Metropolitan Transit System (MTS) maintains a skilled diverse workforce through its multiple in-house training programs for MTS Bus (San Diego Transit Corporation) and MTS Rail (San Diego Trolley, Inc.). In addition to Bus and Train Operator positions, MTS has a variety of career opportunities to consider for positive and motivated team players who share our commitment to customer service and the desire to be part of a solution for the environment. Employment listings are updated weekly, including positions within our management team, our four-year apprenticeship programs, drivers for both Bus and Rail, and maintainers. Specialties ? Recruitment/Selection ? Training/Development/Adult Learning ? On-boarding/Retention ? Compensation/Payroll ? Employee Relations ? Benefit Administration ? Legal/Ethical Compliance