daniel lantz
Male, 40 years old

Daniel Lantz is among the top knowledgeable within the Internet industry. Today he's Marketing Director at Gymgrossisten that is currently based in Sweden, Norway, Finland Denmark and Germany. Prior current role he have hold positions such as product- and business manager at international concerns as Lycos Europe and Spray Network and e-commerce oriented position at Telenor as Online sales manager. His experiences stretches from launching and developing to sustaining and rationalizing Internet services within the Scandinavian and European market. Internet services he has managed and been involved in are webhosting, online dating, webmail, blog and communities with e-commerce and premium subscriptions as basis. Daniel Lantz is the author of the book E-commerce How to work and develop it and is published by the leading Swedish publisher Liber that are highly respectable in both the academe and business world. His educations covers computer science, marketing, economics and management. Within the Internet industry since Positions Product-, Customer Care-, Business-, Online-Sales Manager and Marketing Director Extensive experience of manage e-commerce businesses and premium online services. Broad experience of branding and online marketing Profound entrepreneurial skills Corporate development Internationalization of online services Author and professional speaker