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Debbie Clark, a friend, said:

Mark, Could you please take a look at the loading problem you have with Frontierville? I have been unable to play for 42 days and your reps will not respond to me.. There are hundreds out there that are in the same boat, I suggest you take the time to read your forums. Your staff is doing a very poor job with this game.. Do you really care bout it? I have spent a little money on it but still you should have some pride and make sure the games work well.. Again take a look at the forums please and get this fixed soon.. Thanks you”

Sent on 2011-06-19 18:13:52

Janet Francois, said:

Dear Mark, Please have someone return my 33 million chips in zynga poker. My facebook/yahoo accounts were hacked at 5pm on Sunday. I sent the emails to your customer service dept but have not received my chips back. I enjoy zynga poker and would like to continue playing. Best regards, Janet”

Sent on 2011-05-16 22:29:14

Mary Lynn, said:

Hi Mark, I was perm banned from Yoville and i still have no clue why. It has been 6 months now. I have emailed technical support numerous times and even asking for the reason. Technical support refuses to reply. i have called billing 3 or 4 times. Since i do spend A LOT of out of pocket money to play, i feel it is a billing issue. But billing also refuses to help stating it is a technical issue. In the mean time it has now been 6 months and counting. Could you please please unban my account. email for account is Thank you, Mary Lynn”

Sent on 2011-02-17 15:58:49

Jazz Markovic, said:

Hello Mark, I am writing here, because i really do not know who to contact anymore. Recently while playing zynga poker, i got a message that my account has been suspended, and all of mine 744 million chips have been taken. I have contacted zynga customer support many times, all i got is some kind of automated responses, without an explanation. I have never sold, transfered or sold chips. I really cant figure it out. That was something i made, and i feel like that action has no valid reason. I know that u are not the person who should resolve this issue, but im not getting help from the customer service. Thank you.”

Sent on 2011-01-01 19:28:10

Edward Menton, a friend, said:

hello i am Edward menten i know your the ceo of zynga i have evidence of who the hackers are who hacked vampire wars screen shots and more i have tried customer service and gordon the ghost and yet nothing i continue to be harrassed and threatened and bullyed i need your help i wish to file a police report on them for cyber bullying as myspace suggest this can allow you to sue the people who hacked your game”

Sent on 2010-01-11 01:25:06

Paula Forbes, said:

I am Paula Forbes.I uploaded several of your game apps.One is Vampire wars.I am an original player of that app.I have been hacked 11 times since July 6th.Customer support did nothing but close the tickets.I provided the entire info on the person hacking.They still have not done anything.I have bank records showing exactly what I spent this year.Not including previous year.I have over 4,000 grand in my vamp character.An employee in your company told the hacker I turned him in.So the Hacker stole my vamp.I have only gotten it back a week ago.I would appreciate some help in this matter.I really enjoy this game app.But I will be forced to take legal action and go to the media if after 3 months no one in your company seems to care that the hacker is still in the game.Please help Sincerely, Paula Forbes 334-651-1474”

Sent on 2009-10-14 16:31:41

James H h, said:

Dear Mr Pincus, i am a very big fan of Zynga games and in particular poker. On 2 Sept i discovered that 204 mil of my chips was taken. I reported it to Zynga without any sucsess yet. They gave me ref:090902-001756. I looked on your blog and also emailed Mr Chris Hinton without any success . Please assist me in this matter. James +27849010993”

Sent on 2009-09-14 08:57:09

Allan Russel, said:

I am trying to get in contact with somebody, anybody, who can help me with my account. If not you, then who? Please review my account or have somebody review it. And I have this link also which will explain more in detail. Thank you in advance for your time.”

Sent on 2009-08-10 20:29:09

Shari Kruger, said:

please help me your game yoville community helped erase my facebook account.which caused me not to be able to access my yoville account which i gave you money for things.. But all I want to do is put my sabrina account to my shari account.. Then I will be happy. No one can help me, I went to your support system told me account was disabled but the page is still up.The tech people on yoville community cant help.. my profile is 1041283727sk=6559528a02ba8dad I enjoy this game but you can see my problem. I thought if I wrote you it might get solved. Yours sincerely Mrs. Shari Lee Kruger.”

Sent on 2009-06-27 01:58:46

Nok Soubannarath, said:

Hello Mark, I work for Wager, Inc., a gaming invention/development company based in LV, NV. We have a very popular game launching soon in Asia and would like to discuss a project with you. Please provide me with your contact info or you can contact me. Best Regards, Nok Soubannarath 602.318.8068”

Sent on 2009-03-09 17:17:07

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