claude theriault
Male, 60 years old

Using Social Media profile management to provide massive transformational value; in Health Wellness nutrition product info and online business, which I see as forever expanding, with more and more of us turning 50 and realizing that we, and we alone; are our own Health Care Plan, well as our Freedom 55. Hence the need to become involved in creating MLM movements that matter;with My Forever Green.To ensure financial security one can count on, in these wealth transfer times Specialties Using Social Media Profile Management for my MLM and Health , Wellness Spa business since 2002. Licensed Certification in 12 different domains of Health and Beauty.From Swedish massage to Laser Hair removal to Dermal Hygienist. With a very avant-garde vision on Health and Longevity, made easy. As well as an active Online Marketing Entrepreneur career; being part of a movement that matters, since 2002.