christine jones

I’m the founding director of Tiger Mouth. I set up the business in October 2008. Perhaps not the best time to start a business, but we’ve grown steadily and I’m pleased to say are working with some very happy customers. I’m told that our success is down to our creative and results-driven approach, our understanding of the sectors in which we work and our ability to listen and understand our customers’ needs. I’m always asked, “why did you call the business Tiger Mouth?” Well, tigers are said to be lucky, vivid, lively and engaging – everything you should expect from your marketing agency – whilst ‘mouth’ of course relates to communications, which I believe is the route to relationship success, whether it’s personal relationships or business. The better we all communicate about our vision, values and offering, the easier it is for people to understand us, like us and want to work with us, thus making doing business easier. Tiger Mouth operates in the spirit of a co-operative, providing our customers with access to a network of talented associates, most of whom I’ve worked with for many years and represent some of the best in the industry. We’re all passionate about communicating simply, yet effectively. Through the team, we provide a full range of marketing services, and now with increasing focus on social media. There are three main strands to the business: 1) working with mid to large sized corporate organisations in the service sector that want to raise their profile and protect their brands 2) working with smaller entrepreneurial businesses across all sectors, that are looking to improve their marketing effort, or need help to get started; and 3) running communications programmes in support of infrastructure projects. Our current clients include infrastructure investors, contractors, infrastructure consortia, SPVs (Special Purpose Vehicles), FM service providers, consultants, complementary creative agencies, and retailers. Specialties Project management, marketing/brand strategy, copywriting, infrastructure/SPV communications, staff engagement, social media, event management, and crisis management.