chris ortiz
Male, 26 years old

So, i'm Chris. i'm an intellectual cannabis user that likes to learn and explore, not sit on a couch and get fat. most people know me as the guy who makes the Nicki Minaj vids...yea that's me lol i'm 21, Black & Puerto Rican, and no i'm not albino -_- i'm an outgoing introvert which is typical of #Pisces ;) yes, i believe in Jesus..don't try to argue with me about God cuz i WILL school ya ass lol i'm almost done school (currently pursuing my BFA in Graphic Design) and i reside in NJ. i've never had a boyfriend due to my dumb ass looking for love in all the wrong places. i rap, dance, act, design, write, and a shitload of other things (being creative makes me jizz) lol but yea..this is me. find me on the yellow brick road ;)