chris kwon
Male, 38 years old

14+ years of experience as an software architect and developer. Currently, I'm work as a software architect and developer evangelist in KTH. I have experienced in the area of Computer Telephony Systems (VOIP, IVR, ACS, VoiceXML, Large Call Centers ) , GIS , Web applications, and Embeded systems. As an architect I've designed VOIP centrex system for telco , 119 (911) call center system for fire department , GUI based CTI development tool "Scenario Studio" , mobile content delievery system on the web, open software platform for embedded device And, I am a developer who is full of ideas and have enthusiasm for creating something useful. Developed freeware application "TagGuru for iTunes" and "FastDic firefox extension". Also, running 14 twitter bots that automatically tweets useful informations to over 20000+ twitter users. Authored the book "OSGi & SpringDM in action" in Korean. (2009/09) Specialties Software design and architecture, Windows/Unix C/C++ development, HTML5, Mobile,Web service design and implementation, Java, OSGi, Embedded, Multi-thread applications, CTI application using telecommunication hardwares, Microsoft .NET, Delphi , PHP, CSS, JavaScript